Our Coming Project

In 2018, self help programmes have reached to new level with significant expansion and growth by creating employment in small scale cottage industries as well as building a prospective marketplace of produced items. This approach has also left an initial impact in travel and tourism sector

1. Environment Protection and Water Management

In today’s world, global warming is the greatest threat looming over our climate and environment. The United Nations has warned all earth-dwellers many a times regarding this problem. One of the greatest scientists in modern era, Stephen Hawking repeatedly warned that if we continue like this ignoring the facts, doomsday is not too far. Today the earth has been polluted to a great extent and it is increasing further in gradual steps because of many actions taken by humans. Out of those actions, cutting down the forests would be on top. Human needs have changed into greed and the existence of greenery and forests is in peril. As a consequence, we are facing severe threat of oxygen deficiency after a certain period which is imminent. We are only uttering “One Tree – One Life” like an empty drum and we fail to realise how we are depriving the next generation to live their lives in a basic and essential environment. Keeping environment protection in mind, we have taken initiatives of tree plantations in series. In addition, we need to mention about water conservation. In this district, water pollution has turned to a grave concern. Arsenic in groundwater is causing many life threatening diseases. Groundwater level has dropped to great extent over the years. Especially in summer, enough groundwater is not available in many areas. Hence, it is high time for us to understand the importance of water conservation. Let us treat water as essential asset for all and learn how to preserve water and consume the same in a responsible manner. Unchecked usage of boring and tube wells will surely leave us in a dire situation of water scarcity in near future. On behalf of HELP, we pledge all sensible people to come forward and participate in this mission actively and enthusiastically without further delay.






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